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Sandra Skene writes about the Feeding Project during coronavirus:

Guidelines for Feeding Programmes due to covid19 saw feeding programmes being shut down throughout the country. We had expected some restrictions, so I had taken double supplies to the mums and babies on our programme so at least that gave us some time to make plans for the future. As guidelines have changed over the last few weeks, we have been told that we cannot meet as a large group and cook, but we can meet the mums to hand over supplies that can be taken to their homes. This was a big relief, especially for the babies who really need baby milk powder.

As our group is quite large now the plan is that we will split the group into two and meet each group separately. We will of course need to maintain social distancing and provide hand washing facilities – all of which are possible.

We are grateful that we are still allowed to travel out with our home area at the moment. If that changes, we would have to apply for a permit to travel.

The wellbeing of the children and babies is a big concern and pray with us that travel will remain to be possible to reach them in their remote location.

Latest on impact of Covid19 measures on the churches:

Full lockdown in Malawi has been halted by legal action due mainly to no proper plan being put in place to care for the many that live hand to mouth. New measures are being put in place almost on a daily basis at present.

Church leaders across the nation have been appealing to keep churches open and so far, services are continuing with social distancing, restricted numbers and hand washing practises in place. This is proving a challenge as more people are attending!

Travel is restricted which means village churches are continuing without visits from their Pastor etc. As there is no online access for almost all our churches, they are pretty much isolated. We value your prayers for our village churches.

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