ActionOverseas aid for Niger famine -

Pastors Mark Andrews and Ivan Parker visited Niger with a team from the Ty-Gwn church.

Niger is a poor country, mostly desert and currently in a famine which is getting worse. Pastor Mark and Ivan visited a lady who lived in a reed house and was very hungry. A 25kg bag of rice was donated to her which would last a month. 1300 Euros were also left for distribution with the missionaries.

It is predominantly a Muslim country with mosques common and therefore it is serious business for those who chose to convert and a need to be culturally sensitive.

The Touareg people are naturally nomadic and a core value is not to submit, freedom is sacrosanct. They are a wandering people so there is a challenge for traditional types of church, this leads to difficulties. however there are real opportunities but imagination and a new approach is definitely a requisite for the present missionaries there.

Missionaries are working with Touareg tribesman, and a strong relationship has developed.Yearly they set up a training conference which this year ActionOverseas were privileged to be involved with.

In Niamey a missionary couple have established a school, mainly funded from churches in America. Currently this school has two hundred children in full time education. Some of the children are shown in this photo.


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