Pakistan Aid Project

You will have heard and seen the awful devastation caused by the worst floods in Pakistan’s history. Fourteen million people have been affected including many in Kashmir where at least 113 people died in mudslides. Entire villages have been submerged killing at least 1,600 people so far, according to the UN. It’s only partway through the monsoon season and things are expected to get worse

Some of you have enquired to ask if ActionOverseas is able to provide humanitarian relief. Pastor Andrew Jenkins is communicating with our Apostolic Church contacts in Pakistan to assess the most appropriate form of response. Andrew Jenkins reports on the latest news from Pakistan:

‘No Apostolic people have been harmed by the floods but some have sustained colateral damge to property. I am trying to get contact details for the APMA (All Pakistan Minority Alliance) this was a group we worked with following the 2005 earthquake. I have heard from our colleagues in Asia Link who are supporting flood affected Christians in one area. One of the problems Christians face is that aid can some times be distributed to Moslem areas and miss Christians’.
ActionOverseas is now launching an opportunity to give financially to support those in need from this flooding disaster. Cheque donations should be marked ‘Pakistan’ on the reverse and sent to:
ActionOverseas Pakistan Aid Project                                  
c/o Jeff Green,                                                                       
Finance Apostolic Church,                                     
243-245 London Road,                                          
Kent CT17 0TA                    
Please complete the ‘cheque donation by post form’ that can be found on the ActionOverseas website, half way down the finance page.
ActionOverseas will report back to you in the near future regarding how these kindly donated funds have been distributed.
Apostolic supporters recently raised over £17,000 for Emergency Aid Relief in the nation of Haiti. This was an extremely impressive achievement. The May 2010 ActionOverseas general newsletter   described the project that has been chosen as the recipient of these funds.


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