Operation Lotus: New Christian school to be built by Afghan border

In November 2010 Pastor Andrew Jenkins travelled to Pakistan to meet with local Apostolic Church leaders to assess the needs following the recent disastrous floods and agree upon a project for the ’Pakistan Emergency Aid’ appeal.

ActionOverseas is delighted to announce that Charsadda, a district of North West Pakistan, will be the location for a new Christian school. ‘Operation Lotus’ will allow help to reach flood affected Christians in an area of the world so closed to the Gospel. We can now help them by ensuring the children of this area gain a good education and be influenced by Christian values.

The new school funded from the ’Pakistan Emergency Aid’ project will provide an education for 100 children, employ 3 teachers, providing classrooms, school material and equipment. Despite the extreme difficulty, a Christian School will be opened and successfully run. The on-going running of the school will be shared between the UK, French and Belgian Apostolic Churches.

ActionOverseas wishes to express sincere thanks to all churches and individuals who have contributed to the current excellent total of £11,000.  The Charsadda School will require a budget of £10,000 to initially set up and a further £9, 000 per annum to run.


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