Christmas Greetings from Malawi

Christmas Greetings from Malawi

As we approach Christmas and 2021 and representing the many churches in Malawi, Sandra and I pass on our warmest wishes to all our brothers and sisters in the U.K. This remarkable year will go down in history, but we would like to thank the many who have kept us in prayer while facing your own unexpected challenges. May you be blessed as we celebrate the birth of the King of kings!

From September we have been able to travel freely into the villages and have been trying to catch up on the lost time experienced by the restrictions placed on us due to Covid19. The images we can share are unlike many nations as the pandemic impact has been much less than expected and we have been able to gather together whilst also taking care for everyone’s wellbeing.

Three ordination services have taken place with new pastors ordained in the Eastern, Southern and Blantyre regions. We attended two of the occasions and there was so much joy expressed at the ceremonies. At Nchalo we had the service outdoors due to the heat and large numbers. The church in this large southern town is growing and although the building was extended recently the vision is to extend it further! It is exciting to see a passionate young Pastor leading his group of churches forward.

In Blantyre we have a smaller district on the southern hills where we ordained a new pastor. He is also a policeman and doing a theology diploma on day release. Their building is not very strong, but it was full and there was great joy the whole day. It is always encouraging to see the support from God’s people for a new leader and his vision to reach the communities around the church building.

In 2009 the first Malawian Apostle was ordained in the AC. Time goes on and this past month was Pastor Makwela’s retirement ceremony at Phalombe in the Eastern Region. It was a powerful service as the groups of churches and their leaders attended. We thanked God for all that had been achieved in the pastor’s life and ministry. Please keep the matter of new callings in prayer as we look for revelation for future apostolic ministries.

From 2005 we have partnered with Berea International Bible College. In these years we are so grateful to God to have known financial miracles to be able to send 18 students for full-time study. In November our final student, bro Alex Chanza, completed his final exams and will graduate this month. He is a lovely brother who will also be ordained soon. Earlier this year he told me that new Christians were joining the church at his home every week!

The College is also changing direction away from having full-time students and after being on the Board all these years, we will have our last Board meeting this month.

I thank God for the blessing that this partnership has been, and for the significant impact in the ministries of all who attended the course.

In the far south we were able to deliver a Bicycle Ambulance to Mphatabango village. Our aim is always to connect with the whole community and hand over the Ambulance to the village headmen. It is always great fun building the machine and then demonstrating sending a patient off to hospital. The community were so thankful as they must walk many kilometres just to get to the main road. We are thankful to Omega Navy Apostolic Church in Durban, South Africa for their heart to help and provide the resources the ambulance.

Also, in the South a new District Centre was opened at Ntapanduwa. A larger than normal building has been constructed and we had a brilliant day together in the hot sunshine as we cut the string and officially opened the Centre. It has been a long project and not without its setbacks as construction was difficult during the Covid19 restrictions. This District is very remote, and we are really excited to see what God is going to do in the group of churches already established there. The Centre will not only serve as a church building but its purpose will include being a local training centre for the area as people are reached with the gospel.

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