Latest news from Malawi

Latest news from Malawi

Despite the restrictions that are being felt here in the Malawi context we can report that churches as responding well to the fact that they have been able to keep public services. Last week we conducted our Spiritual Leadership and Administration Team meetings here in Blantyre. Several testimonies were given where numbers attending have risen, one church has doubled in numbers! This continues to be an opportunity for reaching out to those anxious as to what is happening in their communities. It was good for us to emphasise keeping connections between the churches alive during these unusual days.

The discussions included a forward push to having our postponed Pastors Council take place in July. The country is very focussed on the rerun of the presidential elections with hundreds of thousands attending the various political rallies. We would value your prayers for when the vote will take place (date not yet known), that all will go peacefully, and the result accepted by all involved. After this we will be able to make better plans with our postponed church events.

Much has been said locally that in Malawi there is more fear about hunger than the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. Having said that, the number of positive cases has tripled in this past week. We thank God that there have only been 4 deaths since the first case in April.

We have been able to help two of our districts in the North and Central areas with food aid this past week. Annually the Shire valley flatlands in the South suffer with lost crops and hunger related issues. This again was the story this year when the rains failed during the growing season.

While Sandra and I have limited our travels, it was a joy to minister at our local branch in Blantyre. Again, numbers have swelled by 50% and it was so good to know God’s presence and see so many respond and give themselves afresh to Jesus.

This month we were supposed to be busy in a short -term mission with Tim and Jane May from Taunton. As with so many plans, we are hoping to reschedule the mission for next year.

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