Ultimate Human Race

Ultimate Human Race

Ps. Alan Skene writes from Malawi, ‘We often speak about us visiting a different church every week and some Sunday’s we can reach two! This was the case this month where Sandra headed off to the South to preach at a group of churches that had gathered for the weekend and our national women’s leader had been teaching the churches there. Sandra reported about a great service where the benefit of a weekend together was clearly helpful to the churches. On returning to Blantyre she was immediately into a training week for ladies from all over Malawi and taught on the book of Colossians. After a final question and answer session they finished with a brilliant joint service with the ladies from the local branch who meet every Thursday’.

‘I headed Southwest to help a group of churches strongly divided over leadership. We had been asking prayer for this situation. It was an ongoing problem and normal discussion wasn’t going to solve this one. The Pastor’s Council had failed to reach a solution despite much effort. We thank God for a move of the Spirit among us during this difficult issue which saw the two sides come together and people embracing each other in forgiveness and renewed commitment to go forward ‘together’ as a group of churches! Such was the impact that many came for ministry including a mother and son whose involvement in witchcraft had left the boy trying to kill his mum. We can’t praise God enough for seeing freedom coming to this family. God is so good’!!

Alan took part in the ‘Ultimate Human Race’ this month. An ultra marathon in Kwazulu-Natal South Africa from Pietermaritzburg to Durban called ‘Comrades’ that has been taking place since 1921 to remember the fallen who did not return home after the first world war. He recorded a distance of 92.4Kms for the route. Every year there is a motto for the race and this year it was ‘asijiki’ which means ‘no turning back’. He recounted how there are so many parallels to life and ministry in running this race and the camaraderie and support of fellow runners and onlookers was a great reminder of the amazing prayer support that continues to enable the work in Malawi to keep going forward and reach the lost for Jesus!

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