Mozambique Autonomy

In October autonomy was granted to the church in Mozambique. The work started in the early 1990s with the first missionaries arriving in 1996. Since residential missionaries left in 2009 regular visits have been made to encourage and support the work. It is extremely encouraging to see the indigenous leaders taking the church to the next level. A number of the pastors have participated in a church-planting stream in Chimoio with 13 graduating last month. From those 13 hub churches 72 churches have been planted with almost 3,700 converts and new members attending. AO board members visited one of the plants in Beira, the second city of Mozambique, that was started 12 months ago and is already in excess of 300 members – the majority of them being young adults and children. A further 5 active plants have not yet been confirmed by visits from the NLT therefore are not included in the above statistics.

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