Zimbabwe Water Aid – Shortfall

Zimbabwe Water Aid – Shortfall

We are delighted to confirm that 2 boreholes in Zimbabwe are now fully operational. In May both boreholes were commissioned with local dignitaries present in both Nhkulamane and Luveve in Bulawayo.

Unfortunately, due various complications in Nhkulamane the borehole had to be re-dug and due to the distances involved additional pipework, cabling etc was required. This has meant that there were quite significant cost overruns. The original plan was to complete 3 boreholes including one in Harare; however, the delays and additional costs of the existing boreholes has left us with a shortfall of around £1,500.

Are you able to help? The provision of these boreholes is life changing for the people of Zimbabwe, and help you are able to give would go directly towards the provision of clean accessible water for our brothers and sisters in Harare.

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