Sports in Laos

Sports in Laos


Ps. Lloyd Thomas and Ps. Mark Andrews have just returned to the UK, from a ‘scouting trip’ to Laos. The country of Laos, situated in SE Asia is one of the top 10 countries in the World where Christians suffer for their faith through religious persecution.

Lloyd writes that; ‘It was phenomenal to see what God is doing and very humbling to hear the testimony of Christians we met. One of the men we met had been imprisoned several times for preaching Christ and making disciples. In spite of this he is totally sold out for the Kingdom of God and passionate to see Laos transformed by the power of the Gospel.

He is using Sport as an umbrella for the ministry that is growing leaders who are joining him in the sports ministry. What a joy is was to see the team of leaders he has built and the hundreds of people that they engage with each week through sports, mainly football, sharing the love of Jesus, and sharing the Gospel and we saw for ourselves impacting many lives.

Lloyd continues; ‘Our plan is to return to Laos this coming June with a small team who plan to use rugby to breakdown barriers and introduce this sport to a new audience. With Wales being a rugby nation it is exciting to be returning to be able to use the door God has opened in Sport to break down barriers, and bring the love of Jesus to many more unreached people in Laos.

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