By land area Algeria is the largest country on the continent of Africa and sits on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a country that has experienced something of a revival in recent decades with many Muslim background believers coming to faith, despite persecution from the government. In 2019, 13 of the largest churches in the country were closed and their doors sealed by the authorities – they remained closed to this day.

Prophetic words to the AO board and Africa Regional Missioner, Pastor Stuart Wood, have indicated that this is a country that we need to prioritise and focus on in the future as it will be a bulkhead from which to launch into North Africa. Despite the challenges and persecution that exists God has given the image of a domino effect that will begin with Algeria and spread across the region to other nations including Mali, Libya and Mauritania.

To date planned visits have not been possible for a variety of reasons including COVID-19 restrictions but at our recent national church council we were instructed to pray specifically for Algeria. Please join with us in praying for the opening of opportunities to visit and pioneer a work in this nation.

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