Laos & Master7 Rugby Fundraiser

Across 3 days in April 2021 Lloyd Thomas along with 9 others are going to be attempting to travel from A-B across the Welsh Brecon Beacons using 7 different disciplines.

– Gorge Walking
– Abseiling
– Caving
– Mountain walking – Rock Climbing

– Canoeing
– Mountain Biking.

We are doing this to raise funds for the work Laos rugby federation are doing and the community club team Master7 Rugby.

“Good coaches can win a game yet great coaches can change a life”

Rugby has been an incredible tool that is changing the lives of so many girls, boys, men and women across Laos. From children’s rugby (Champaban), community club rugby, national rugby and leadership development the work of the staff, volunteers and supporters is having a phenomenal impact.

In order for the work to continue through LRF and to keep seeing the development of Master7 rugby club it relies on the kindness and generosity of supporters. We are hoping to raise as much as possible between us by doing this adventure challenge so that funds can go towards;
– Training, developing and establishing Coaches

– The cost of renting and hiring training facilities
– To get coaches and players basic kit and training equipment
– To invest in the future of the girls, boys, men and women who will benefit from connecting with the rugby programmes.

Every pound will make a difference and Thank you in Advance. If you want to help with this project you can do that by clicking the donate button

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