To Russia with Love

To Russia with Love

ActionOverseas Board member Nigel Bainbridge, Dmitri Sorokin, an Apostolic Church pastor serving in London, and Tim Jack, National leader of the ACUK, travelled to Russia on their first exploratory visit. The plan is to plant a movement of apostolic congregations in years to come.

Dmitri, born and raised in Russia and a fluent Russian speaker, was able to connect us with a Russian Orthodox priest who was able to open doors of favour and opportunity for us while we were travelling.The priest, a ‘man of peace’ is a man of the Spirit and the favour extended to him in the city was extended to us, as well. Like Paul connecting with the religious leader in a new city, we found that a ‘religious leader’ was our starting point for the Russian Orthodox population of the city (over 60% of the Russian population identify as Russian Orthodox) as well as other Christian leaders both Catholic and Protestant.

In a few days we were able to meet key a government functionary (whose role is to monitor religious activity), many Christian leaders as well as have a great crash-course in Russian history, culture and the mindset of the people.

This visit was exploratory in nature and, on the basis of this encouraging visit, will be the first of others to come.

Thank you for your prayerful support and we look forward to hearing more good news about the spread of the Good News through our joint enterprise in mission.

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