GROW online teaching

GROW online teaching

ActionOverseas has for a long time had a vision to establish an online learning facility making teaching materials available to local Pastors in various countries of the Apostolic world. This theology material is focused on teaching Christian theology to Pastors in order that they might have a range of theological materials available to disciple their emerging leaders and congregations.

Over the last year during the Coronavirus pandemic, travel and country visits have stopped but the work of mission has continued. The pandemic has catapulted opportunity to develop and translate 15 modules Theology Course developed by Satellite Bible College International into Asian languages, Hindi, Singhalese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Pakistani Urdu, and Lao.

To date translations of this material is at different stages of completion but already this has led to a project setting up an on line Bible School called GROW. It is very much in its infant stage at present. However; already two weekly classes are being held via Zoom into Nepal and one weekly class in Urdu in Pakistan.

Testimony: In Pakistan the translation of the material has been completed by Pastor Tariq and Safina who lead the Apostolic here. They have been assisted by Ahmed, who is a Muslim (name changed for protection), who has been typing up the material in Urdu, as particular equipment is required. The material has challenged him as he has been typing it up and has been so impacted that he and his family have become secret believers.

Stay informed of the GROW project through the AO website and Snippets.

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