Shifting sands but destination is fixed (Mission Pécs update)

Shifting sands but destination is fixed (Mission Pécs update)

Even though Hungary has the second highest vaccination rate in Europe, the cases of Covid are rising, even among young adults. Let’s keep praying for the pandemic to be defeated and managed.

We are making all possible preparations but please pray for a positive turn in the Covid-affected international travel situation so that a definite date could be made for our relocation. A friend who is employed within the Hungarian Immigration Service has described the post-Brexit immigration regulations for UK nationals, and these regulations appear easier than before. However during this shifting situation our primary focus is on the power of the Gospel and the life-giving change that Jesus can bring to all those open and willing. We are developing connections within Pécs and also we were contacted by the East Europe co-ordinator for Good News for Everyone (formerly ‘The Gideons’). We feel the favour of God in the friendships and connections that are being formed each month.

We are pleased to welcome Cameron Jones (Rope Chapel, Liverpool) as our first placement student. Our aim is to work alongside would-be church planters and trainee missionaries while we are in Hungary. Please pray for Cameron as his temporary employment ends this summer and he plans to join us as a co-worker from September for six months.

Our special thanks to ActionOverseas for their past, current and on-going support in making it possible to serve as One Church Dover missionaries in Hungary.

Nigel and Rachel Bainbridge

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