Water Aid – Zimbabwe

Water Aid – Zimbabwe

In September of 2020 we were made aware of the increasing challenges of accessing reliable, clean water sources in Zimbabwe. After several years of drought and with an aged and deteriorating pipework system, that was leaking badly, people were having to queue at water bowsers across the city to collect enough of this precious resource to meet their daily needs.

Armed with an old truck and several water containers the leaders of the Apostolic Church in Zimbabwe had begun collecting and distributing water to the elderly and infirmed, through their Apostolic Relief Mission response team. Often it was necessary to buy water from those who had access to a borehole. The team worked long hours every day, often late into the evening to support as many as possible.

An appeal was set up here in the UK to raise funds to dig 3 boreholes on church properties, in Bulawayo and Harare, that would provide a regular and sustainable source of clean water for church members and their communities.

Due to a fantastic response from individuals and churches, we have been able to install boreholes in Nkulamane and Luveve districts in the city of Bulawayo. The attached pictures show the Luveve borehole now fully operational. The borehole in Nkulamane only requires some pipework and the reserve tank to be installed and we will have 2 working boreholes making a positive impact in the city.

In Harare the plan is to deepen one existing borehole by several metres and recase it plus electrify another with a submersible pump. These upgrades will ensure that we have provided a long-term solution to the water problem for the areas of Chadcome and Epworth in the capital.

We are grateful for the response of our supporters to assist our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.

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